Do You Have A smart Goal?

If you apply this principle you will be able to achieve your goals.

This principle can be applied to various goals like: setting up business, embarking on career path, going on holiday, to mention just a few. The example used in explaining this principle here may not be relevant to you, so just write what your goal is, and how you want to achieve it.

Your Goal Must Be:-

Specific:          Write down exactly what you want to achieve. For example you can write I want to set up a poultry farm with 1000 chicken. Do not write I want to go into business. Putting your goal into writing is very important. That gives you a reference point and something to work on. If it is not written it might just remain a dream in your head.

Measurable:  Write down exactly the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

For example,

I need to buy land.

I need to build poultry house.

I need to buy poultry equipment.

I need to buy chicken and then commence operation.

Achievable:    Based on your skills, resources, research, leverage and help you can get from other people you should know if you can achieve your goal. Do not underrate yourself but at the same time do not try to build castle in the air.

Realistic:        Be honest with yourself. Know your limit. Know what is possible for you to achieve without underrating your ability and will-power. If you are committed, dedicated, focused, willing to get out of your comfort zone and delay gratification; you will achieve more than you can imagine.

Timed:            Have a time-limit by when you want to achieve your goal. It could be six months or one year or two years or whatever number of months or years you think is reasonable for you.

Each step of your goal should also have time-limit and you have to keep checking that you are on course and achieving what you need to achieve by the set-dates.

For example:

To save money for six months and buy land

To save money for another six months and build the poultry house.

To save money for another six months and buy poultry equipment.

To save money for another six months and buy chicken and then commence operation of your business.

To be able to achieve your goal within the time-limit you set for yourself you must exercise a lot of discipline. Discipline is defined as doing what you have to do without giving excuses. Another definition of discipline is doing what is right even when nobody is watching you or no one is going to praise you for doing it. Discipline also include the ability to delay gratification.

To set a goal and be committed and see it through within the time-limit you set for yourself will definitely take a lot of discipline on your part.

I wish you success in achieving your goal.

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